TRAXOR Applications

Applications of People-Centric Relationship Management.

TRAXOR is  a true Relationship Management System as any information can be related (linked in context) to any anyone, or in fact anything in TRAXOR. Traditional business systems do not have this ability as they are designed for transaction processing where processes ‘own’ the data and control the way in which it is linked and used.

In TRAXOR data exists independently, not owned by any processes. Context is provided by relationships e.g. an organization may be related to another as a customer, a supplier, or a competitor…or all three.


Relating Information

We more easily understand information that is in context. TRAXOR enables you to apply that concept enterprise-wide. Simply define two-way context-sensitive relationships that define how your organization works.

For example, place people in context by relating them as friends, influencers, colleagues. Or organizations to organizations as customers, suppliers, competitors. Or organizations as owners of assets and so on.

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Relationship Capital Management

The network of people and organizations that represent your customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc, your Relationship Capital, is a significant asset.

TRAXOR enables you to quantify it by taking account of the power and influence of people you have a relationship with; the type and strength of relationships and the number of touch points between organizations.

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What is People-Centric CRM Relationship Management?

Relationships are about people. Unlike traditional CRM systems that simply have ‘contacts’, TRAXOR has People and Positions. Your contact at ABC Inc. may be the CEO, but your connection is to Kay the person person in that position. When Bill replaces Kay, it’s not simply a matter of a name change, your relationship with the CEO and with ABC (by definition) changes too.

TRAXOR lets you immediately see (and measure) the impact of people changes.

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Interface to Social Networks

Only TRAXOR has People. They are linked to their (Job) Positions to provide a professional context and to other People (directly and via Social pages) to provide a personal context. TRAXOR enables invaluable insights into people, their opinions, their relationships (who they influence and are influenced by).

Interact more effectively with ‘contacts’ (e.g. CEO, CFO etc) by understanding them as people first.

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Sales and Sales Management

TRAXOR is particularly suited to high-stakes B2B environments (complex sales); high-value deals  involving multiple decision makers, where personal connections really count.

TRAXOR enables unique insights that materially impact success in this class of business. For example, want to know Kay B’s decision-making and influence track record? See not only which deals she directly influenced and how, but who she knows (professional colleagues; associates and friends) and who or what they influenced etc.

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TRAXOR enables unique marketing insights. Because any information can be related to any other information in TRAXOR, it can be sourced and viewed in unique ways.

For example, demographic data relating to companies and people (personally) and positions (roles performed by people) and products can be combined for very specific market analysis and targeting. In addition, Relate it! functionality and the absence of duplication in TRAXOR make possible the previously unattainable ‘single view of the customer’.

Asset Tracking and Product Ownership

Keep track of who owns or uses what products or services; your own or your competitors. This information is invaluable as a source of leads for future replacement, up-selling or flow on services, competitive knock-off and so on.

Membership Management

Organizations with a large membership base (e.g. Industry Associations) will appreciate the flexibility of TRAXOR, particularly where membership is broad and varied and there is a need to identify common interests, not only in organizations but by individual.

TRAXOR Opportunities is ideal for Subscription Management.